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Well, my intentions are good, and my supplier requirements are demanding. But how does that translate to Selling you Affordable, Timely and Quality Android MIDs ?

A Shop is only as good as the Experiences of it's Customers.

So please, share with the community.

  • If there's a problem, I'll try to correct it.
  • If  I'm simply the best seller you've come across (grin) you have permission to say so.

But seriously, barring a weekend delay or restocking from the factory, or missing order information, your purchase with BUYaDROID should be as pleasant as I want for my own purchases.

That really is my goal and how I designed this store --
                     A Droid Store by a Droid Lover... 
                                      Supporting and Serving our Community ! 



If you have any Product Questions, please use our EMAIL at


To Share your Purchase Experience with us for other, please FILL OUT THE COMMENT BOX at the bottom of the page.

It would be helpful for people to know:
  • the Country you ordered from, 
  • how long it took, 
  • and the condition of goods received.

Thank you & I hope You Enjoy !


J.L. Schlegel said...

Just received my MID701 and am having loads of fun with it. Quick delivery even with the Chinese govt inspection. Everything was as described and and James went above and beyond to grab me one of the last devices available. He also kept me informed at the process of my order.

Thanks for all your attention, James.

Chris said...

Ordered an X5A on September 17, unit arrived in Canada from China on September 23rd.

Well packaged everything shipped intact and ready to roll, screen protector got a bit bent but that was it, unit worked right out of the box as expected.


Anonymous said...

Jim thanks for the good experience and all the help you gave me. You must have the fastest shipping from China. It only took 5 days from the time I ordered it to having it in my hand. I noticed you stop carrying the Win CE tablet I order. Have not had much time to play with it but it looks like it is going to be more than I expected and at a very good price too. Once again thanks for all your help and time in helping me get this unit.


Anonymous said...


Just received the XPAD701 today and wanted to say that it was a very pleasant experience buying from your website.. took a total of only 6 working days to arrive and everything came in a well packaged box.. But I do have one question, I checked the memory and after installing 1 game it told me i had 721 MB free space.. I don't know if anyone else has this same problem, but does this mean this is only a 2 GB internal memory instead of 4GB .. please let me know thanks..Will definitely purchase from you again if i need another..thanks..

Will C from Houston, TX

James from BUYaDROID said...

Hello Will-

Thank you ! And no, this is normal. Most android MIDS do NOT display the full memory. They can only see the Apps Partition. All these guys have only a few hundred MB to install direct to MID without connecting to a PC. Just the way it displays.

IF you connect to the PC with USB. Pull down Notification Screen. click MOUNT Device. THEN you will see your MID on the PC as a hard drive and will show complete memory (well 3.5GB for 4GB unit) forum has a thread explaining this too.

Hope that helps. All is normal.

Anonymous said...

hi james, need a cheap one which can run youtube smoothly with reasonable battery life and

IMP> dose have a "sim slot" if not 3G then at least EDGE


James from BUYaDROID said...

@Krijes -- Hello. Please use my BUYaDROID email for Questions, thank you.

PS- These are not phones, so don't have sim cards.
Some support 3G

justin said...

Dear all, I ordered a ZT180 on Wednesday. I received the product on the following Monday - via FEDEX. I am so impressed with the service and the communication I received from James. I live in the UK - NO problems with customs for me. If anyone wants to contact me to discuss the service provided then please email James and ask him for my details -I will be happy to share my experience with the seller and the tablet itself.


Kamoot said...

BuyADroid is wicked. James has been really helpful even after I received my Xpad 701 in Canada. Answering questions about SD cards, software issues, etc...his advice has been super helpful to n00b such as myself. Got my Droid really quickly and in great condition thanks to excessive packaging. Everything was as described. So yeah, simply an honest dude running a solid business. I like!

Limma said...

The BAD PAD arrived safely today at my home in Italy and the shipping required less than a week!
I have to thank James for his accuracy and I can say that he really deserves our trust.
This is my first Andorid device and for that I need some time to get used with it, but now I can say that this tablet looks good.
It is solid in my hands; the screen is good and bright; the page scrolling is fast ans smooth; no problem for the moment with wifi connection.
I will post later more comments on Slatedroid forum (at the moment the server seems down...).
Thanks again to James.
P.S. The user guide into the box is that of the 7" Haipad...

Michael said...

Nice products, excellent communication and service, a fair price. Thank you and hope to do business again soon.

Anonymous said...

This is a smooth reliable service offered at BuyaDroid. My X5A turned up in about a week and I even had the weekend in the middle.

Ordering was easy, Jim communicates well and the prices are very reasonable.

I'm very happy with my unit and will be recommending to as many others as I can.

Ditch your online auction sites and deal with these guys. It's far more reliable.

Anonymous said...

This site is solid and I will recommend buying from this carrier. His feedback from slatedroid was the main reason I purchased from this site. I was skeptical due to the layout of the site and it being on a blogspot but other then his site. The services are solid and the shipping fast. I would have received the package even sooner then 6 days but was unable to sign for it. The unit I purchased is great for the price.

Dave T

wayne said...

just received my SL-A8, ordered 24th nov and arrived 7th dec so i'll let you make your mind up if thats quick, i think it is ;) HK - UK
very pleased with it so far but i am very new to android so a total n00b. screen is nice and clear, operates pretty good but not as good as ipad yet 1/5th of the price so who cares? on my wifi in seconds and very straightforward. overall im very VERY pleased with this and the service i received from James ;)

Graham said...

I ordered the HypePad late on 28th Novemeber and it's arrived today on the 7th December. I live in the UK so that's fast. No import duty was required. I've had a couple of e-mail exchanges with James over this and that and I found him helpful and pleasant. I would recommend him to all my friends and if you want a droid tablet this is the place to go.

On the item itself, don't be put off by people slating a resistive screen. There are two aspects to the screen, touch sensitivity and video quality. The video quality is superb it's clear, easy to read and bright with good viewing angles. I haven't got to use it much as it's a christmas present that I'm not allowed to have yet :( but from the few taps I've had it registered my touches and swipes really well. Overall I've found the screen on the HypePad to be MUCH better than I thought it would be and yes it may not be as good as the iPad screen but it far exceeds what you would expect from a device costing a 1/5 of what apple charge.

James Z said...

After exchanging a couple of emails with James and reading what people where saying about him on Slatedroid. I decided to buy my ZT-180 from buyadroid. I can honestly say i have no regrets. The tablet is excellent and came loaded with the most recent firmware, also included was a soft case and screen protector. While I did get caught out on the import tax, this is simply down to UK import laws and just getting caught out on this occasion.

I know James sadly was let down with Alertpay, but it has to be mentioned. He emailed me withing 10 minutes of me contacting him, voicing my concern regarding my order. An exceptionally good fellow, who I'd glady have dealings with again.

For those like me, who think buying cheap from ebay, will bag you a bargain. Go the safer route, spend that little extra with Buyadroid. The extra buys you piece of mind, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Just an initial reaction of someone to my HyPE-Pad…

I just had a person today look at my HyPE-Pad and say, "Wow, 2 USB ports! 2 SDHC slots! A wired internet port! Wow. Now that's how they should have configured the iPad!"

Now on to my review…

I received my HyPE-Pad from! Jim from Buyadroid has given great support from the first day I came across his site and sent him an email. I would recommend buyadroid to anyone.

My HyPE-Pad arrived at the Fed Ex station in Hong Kong on Monday morning and arrived at my home in NY on Thursday afternoon. Boy, if I had to deliver something from China it would take me longer than four days to do it! FedEx is FAST!

I took it out of its packaging (no easy task as it was cardboarded and taped so that nothing was going to bother it!) and figured out how to turn it on (see below).

Here’s my candid review?


It's terrible...

It's terrible because I didn't get much productive done yesterday at all...

I spent the day playing with my HyPE-Pad.

It takes about 45 seconds to boot up from power off
I had a bit of a time unlocking the pad (There's an onscreen button that looks like an unlocked padlock that one has to press and slide up to a small dot on the screen to unlock the pad. Took me awhile to figure that out!).

The tablet comes with a stylus, earbuds, a GPS antenna, English manual and charger.

When I clicked on the “System Update” icon the tablet asked me to register. I typed in the included registration number and it worked fine. The tablet checked and came back with that I had the newest version and no update was necessary. Here is my tablet information:

The model number is deb
Firmware version: 2.1-update1
Kernel version: hzhao@emma#1
Build #: deb-r2.1.1170

The weight is 794 grams (1.75 lb). I went to the Post Office and asked them to weigh it for me, so I expect that’s an accurate weight.

HMMM...this doesn't let me continue with a longer review than this, so you'll just have to keep reading the next one, too.

--Michael Burkley

Anonymous said...

Here’s the continuation of my review - mrb

I left the factory screen protector on. Actually, I at first peeled it off (leaving just enough on the edge so as to not disturb the alignment of the protector). I then used a ruler to squeegee the protector down, preventing any bubbles from forming under it.

Even with the protector on I have no problems with screen sensitivity. I don't have to press hard at all to get the screen to cooperate. There's no lag to speak of when turning through the desktop screen display. It's pretty cool actually. The display is clear and bright.

If you remember, I asked you whether you thought the 256 meg of memory in the HyPE-Pad was enough. You assured me that it was. Well, you were right. I've loaded a pile of programs on the HyPE-Pad and it still has room for more. That was a relief!

I had no problem connecting with my home WiFi and was able to browse the internet right away. I signed on to my Gmail account and found that a slow through the browser (it popped up a message saying that "This is taking a long time! - maybe use the basic HTML view"). I did that and it worked fine, but then I saw a Gmail icon on the desktop and clicked on that. After putting in my username and password - Bamm - I was on Gmail and my mail had refreshed. I use that icon now! I have multiple Gmail accounts and can access them all from that.

Market works fine. I went to it and proceeded to download a pile of applications. I haven't bought anything as of yet, but I will let you know when I do. The SlideIt keyboard demo works fine and is much easier to use then the regular keyboard as I can do it one handed. I think it works best in portrait mode as the keyboard then doesn't stretch across the long side of the screen. There's less distance you need to "slide" to get to all the keys. I'm a long-time Graffiti user on my Palm smartphone and was looking forward to using the Access Graffiti for Android. Unfortunately, the HyPE-Pad doesn't support copy protection so the company won't allow me (or you) to use it. Alas! I really find Graffiti useful. I think I can get used to the SlideIt keyboard though.

Quickoffice works fine. I've already purchased that (though not through the Market). That allows you to read, edit and create MS Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. files. I've purchased and installed CoPilot, an awesomely-featured turn-by-turn navigation system for Android (inexpensive, too). It installs fine on the tablet, and does everything that doesn't require a GPS signal. I still haven't hooked up the antenna, and it's 20 degrees F/ -7 degrees C out, so I'm not wandering about outside as of yet. I'll let you know how this works later.

I've downloaded a number of games (Labyrinth, Bubbles 2, Sudoku, Angry Birds, Mahjong), all of which work fine. Interestingly enough, though the Labyrinth game works well (a game where you tilt the tablet to move a ball through a maze), two other applications that use the device to make a level (and one a compass, too) didn't work. They ran OK, but the level part didn't work, nor the compass. Perhaps the compass part didn't work because I didn't have the GPS antenna hooked up, but I don't know.

Ran out of room again! Keep reading next post!

--Michael Burkley

Anonymous said...

More of my review

I am wondering if the tablet charges when it's not on. I was charging it last night and it was up to 24% when I left it. When I came back this morning the red charging light was off. When I turned the tablet on the charging light lit again, and the screen indicated that it was only 30% charged. I'll get back to you on that. Hmmm...I just checked it again (after five minutes) and the red charging light isn't on but now the indicator says that it's 94% charged. Maybe some things need to be worked on there! The WiFi turns off when the tablet goes into sleep mode (options are 1 min, 10 min, 30 min or never). So if you're downloading something make sure to not have it go to sleep on you. You can tell it to go to sleep by pressing the power button for one sec. (Jim tells me to wait several charge/use cycles and I'll probably see it settle down)

About the battery life? Well, I was having too much fun to really notice, but I was running it a lot during the day and didn't run out until about 7:30 pm when a notice popped up saying that the battery level was at 12% and that I should either hook it up to the charger or quit. So far this morning I’ve had the WiFi on for two hours and the battery indicator states that it is 42% charged (the only way that I can figure out the battery level seems to be to hook the charger up).

Alas, Google SkyMaps doesn't seem to work well. The maps display, but the screen orientation is off (no matter which way you turn the screen you have to tilt your head to the side to read the onscreen star names). The display shifts around when you move the screen, but I don't think it knows what direction I'm really pointing. I haven't tried this with the GPS antenna hooked up though, so that might be part of the problem.

I love to use an RPN calculator when I need a calculator. RPN (or Reverse Polish Notation) is the method of input used by HP calculators and is SO MUCH easier than standard calculators for a lot of calculations. I found several online, either free or inexpensive (when you pay $1.99 for an exact clone of a $100+ programmable scientific calculator - that's inexpensive!)

The Youtube application works fine. Pandora works fine (even as a background task). The included ebook reader works fine as well. The picture viewer and slideshow work fine. The camera works fine as well. Yes, it's not a super hi rez thing, but it's more than good enough. The voice recorder works OK. The quality of the recording is good enough for voice memos, but you wouldn't want to record a story to share with anyone else. The music player works with .wma and .mp3 files (at least). The volume is fine as far as I can tell (not across the room, but fine in lap). It shows album art, too.

The YouVersion Bible software works fine. I'm really waiting for MyBible/Pocket Bible to come out with their Android version (as I already have a number of their Bibles and other help), but this will more than do until then. I won't mind hearing about other biblical resources though!

I was amazed to see a 3G setup icon on the desktop. When I clicked on it it said that there was not a 3G modem installed. But it said install one! I wonder what this means. I'm not going to sign up for any 3G plan (no service where I live), but it sounds like a very useful capability.

The settings icon is easily found and has lots of options. Explore! One I like is how you can develop a security swipe - a onscreen drawing that will unlock your tablet. Without knowing the swipe no one can access your tablet. I haven't used this as of yet, but I probably will in the future.

I think this is an awesome tablet. I will find it very useful and fun, I'm sure.

Jim, thanks for doing all the work in getting my HyPE-Pad to me to me. I really doubt that I would have gotten one now if it weren't for your honesty and transparency on your website.


--Michael Burkley

Anonymous said...

I ordered a Hypepad and an X5A pad on Dec 5th and order was shipped within 2 days and I received them in Australia on Dec 14th.

Jim kept in touch during the process and I was very impressed with the service. The X5A is for my son for Xmas, so I am busy putting games and videos on it for him at the moment, not enough time to play with my pad. It's going to be hard to keep it out of my wifes hands too - I may be ordering another one soon.

Again, fantastic service and so far loving both tablets.
Chris Mouser

Anonymous said...

Just got my Hypepad, I ordered it on December 7th and it made it here by december 17th. I got regular updates on shipping. This I am sad to say is a Christmas present so I only had 20 minutes to play with it. I opened it (packed very well) and switched it on. Took a little time to get used to screen but after a couple of times it worked well. I had it up and running on the Wifi settings in no time and was on the net. I was able to open my gmail and get to android market. Not much time to play with it but I am happy so far. My wife has an ipad and compared to the high cost I would recommend.

I did research online and wasn't sure if I really wanted to buy one online...I would recommend Jim.

Ohio guy

Anonymous said...

Just send in my payment for my Hype-pad. I should have done that to start with rather than purchasing an Infotm tablet at another place. Not a lot of customer communications there, but I expect it will be different at BAD.

Now to hope I do not go into Android withdrawal DTs before my Hype-pad arrives.

also @Michael Burkley,

You should check out for their bible reader. It has some really great features, and they have a TON of free book downloads and three or four free bibles to download as well.

Dave Bennett in Ivor, VA

nastypc said...

Start off with a big thanks to James from with pre-sales help, info, and support. Had tablet at my house within 3-5 days from purchase date. As he states on his website there were no surprise / hidden costs after purchase ( cost + pay pal fee + customs / brokerage ) I am very pleased / glad that I purchased with James through his suppliers and avoided all the crazy issues that others were experiencing with their purchase.

My device shipped with older version of firmware deb-rs.1.1001 and was having some issues with the device (could not download notification of new firmware update. deb-rs.1.1170) James was there to assist. He provided an alternate way to flash the device. Show me that in the user manual ;) I am now running latest firmware to date (deb-rs.1.1170) Following his method via burntool and pc-connection. Please note 32bit OS only so if 64bit use virtual drive. For me holding down menu + power during boot up will put device into pc-connection mode which allowed windows to recognize device for driver installation.

For me I ran into some issues with the RJ45 before and after the update. I am hoping that it was a unknown to user button combo press that disables the RJ45 and not a hardware flaw. I am able to get LAN connection back by holding down back botton+power during the boot up phase.

Market and GPS work without issues. Copilot is great, lol 10" GPS in my car. GPS Antenna has built in magnet stick it to roof of car while driving.

EcK04Sierra said...

I received my TrackPad at about 80% charge on arrival. Had Market and Gmail pre loaded, a few APPS with music and video player. I tried the youtube APP it's nice downloaded a few others. Everything works beautifully, only grip was all the scratch marks around the sides. My wife's mom and dad both want one my only complaint now is Im going to have to take time and put everything they could possible need and use on it and show them how lol. They're old and Japanese and no I dont speak japanese so I have my work cut out for me.

Thanks for my first Tablet I already have friends who want to get on Via BuyADroid ;)

divine harvester said...

Buying through Buyadroid was smooth as butter. Super fast communication, all questions answered promptly. Shipping went without a hitch. I've already pointed a number of friends toward this site. I'll be watching for new and exciting devices! Thanks Jim for making it a positive purchase!

Anonymous said...

Got my Hypepad on Dec 29 and everything is perfect.

This is a much better pad than my ZT-180 was. It just feels like a "solid" device.

I will definately be using Buy A Droid for my next tablet purchase (whenever that is).

Way to go Jim.

Dave Bennett in Ivor, VA

Steve Middleton said...

I was initially sceptical about buyadroid (the website hasn't the best design James!), but after reading the many excellent reviews on the Slatedroid forums I decided to take the plunge. James answered my noobie questions with ease and a gentle humour (quick replies too!), so I decided to go for it.

My costs came to about £150 when the Paypal fees are taken into account and I was charged a further £9 and some pennies import duty and VAT when it landed - but it was worth it!

Delivery was quick and the pad arrived in one piece. Phew! (It was well packed).

I paid Christmas Eve and received it into the UK on 4th Jan. Very impressed!

I was up and running with the Hype-pad in no time, having no issues with Market (well I can download free apps no problem, haven't tried any paid apps yet) and it works very well.

I would highly recommend the Hype-pad and definitely recommend Buyadroid. Many thanks James - I'll leave a decent review for you on Slatedroid forums too (just as soon as I've registered over there!)

wwil83 said...

James is a good dealer, my hypepad came quickly, worked out the box, it is easy to use. I'M actually going to buy another. Really worth the money.