BUYaDROID ships via Tracked courier (DHL,FEDEX,UPS)

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 With my fellow Droid-Enthusiasts in mind, I have Secured a Great Warranty Plan.


Supplier agrees to the following Warranty:

DISCLAIMER: I list the WARNING of Buying from China, and buying these Clone Tablets.  They CAN be great, but also may sometimes be a little different than described, a factory might stop producing suddenly, or a supplier may disappear. I can not be held responsible for this.  I do try to offer safe models from the safest suppliers.

My NEW warranty is the BEST PROTECTION this Market Allows, and is the safest for you and me. I also consulted a Service Specialist and Paypal before Making the Amended Warranty.


All TABLETS are guaranteed to arrive in working condition or you get a FREE REPLACEMENT TABLET.

And if broken in transit, your Return Shipping Cost may be covered by the Courier.

If a Tablet arrives DOA (Dead on Arrival) or doesn't work (can't be solved) within the first 5 days, the Customer must contact the Supplier within 5 DAYS from arrival date to receive a FREE TABLET if required.
  • Programming assistance will first be offered (such as a ROM Flash with instructions)
  • Then FREE REPLACEMENT PARTS can sometimes be offered for a unit instead of needing to return the Tablet, - if the customer feels he/she can make a repair (with instructions), like a Screen Replacement.
  • If Required, you may receive a Free Replacement. And it will be Shipped TO you FREE by Courier.

RETURN PROCEDURE: the Customer must return the Tablet to the Chinese depot at his/her own cost and be in the original condition in which it was received.  The Supplier agrees to send Customer a FREE TABLET and the Supplier will pay the shipping cost back to customer.

If programming assistance is required or a replacement part, simply contact BUYaDROID and arrangement will be made for you.

Any Unofficial Alterations/Flashing VOIDS Warranty
I did not enforce this before but people have been using questionable Roms, so now I must. 

If you do discover a later problem, I can contact the supplier on your behalf to have the item fixed (at your cost).  However, I strongly urge using the SLATEDROID forum for amazing technical support.

All Warranty issues remain the responsibility of the Supplier, not BUYaDROID.

NOTE ABOUT NEW / UNTESTED MODELS --Tablets generally can have a glitch or two, and New Models are simply considered untested, so there is a little risk in any purchase, and most people understand that. People want the Newest Features but must understand the risk. Sometimes you can get rom fixes here or in forums like, sometimes it's just not a great Tablet, or not completely as described.  Warranty does apply, but only if the device is broke beyond use.... software does not qualify. I hope you can appreciate this policy, and I will continue to be completely Honest, Upfront and Transparent.

"Working Condition"- as defined by the warranty. A unit that needs a firmware flash or software fix is still considered to be "working" so long as it will work normally after the solution. A unit with problems listed in the known issues section of the product page, news section or on the Slatedroid Forum at the time of your purchase was bought in full knowledge of that particular device having issues and not considered as damaged.  And I DO make every glitch known where possible.