BUYaDROID ships via Tracked courier (DHL,FEDEX,UPS)

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 THIS IS THE PART OF THE BUSINESS I HATE -- I will make the best of the situation.  Please understand it's NOT False Advertising on My Part.  I can only report what the supplier assures is true (and many times even they do not know the difference.) NEW / UNTESTED UNITS ARE JUST THAT  --- SEE MY WARRANTY PAGE.

You have to decide if you want to spend to replace it, OR if it's a firmware issue, live with it and see if the forums can correct it in custom firmware.

If this worries you I'm sorry, but I'm only telling you what most others will not.  
I would Rather Sell Only 10 Reliable Droids and have 10 Happy People, than Sell 100 and have to Worry for the other 90 (because I do.) 

OK, So, I'm not the worlds best Salesman, ha ha ha.
I simply want you to understand that there are risks, even from a seller & supplier who go out of their way to bring you a safe product.

WHY DO people continue to Buy These -- INSTEAD OF IPAD ?
Simple... IPAD and a couple others "may" provide a more stable experience Out-Of-The-Box, but at a cost up to 5 TIMES HIGHER, coming with Much Less Featuresa smaller support community and less ability to Hack & Customize, it's usually worth the remaining risk.

Many, if not Most of the Android Market, and yes, even the Big Brand Names, come from China and have many of the same risks and possible issues, just they don't get such high publicity.

I don't cover anything up. Like I said, I'd rather loose a sale and gain a night's sleep if it means saving someone from making a wrong purchase choice.

  • A unit, most units can require a firmware update or flash at some point (for new features or a fix)
  • Some models require a fix of some sort right out of the box (I always post when I know)
  • A unit could ship with a European Charger + Adaptor for your country instead (I don't always know)
  • A listed feature may not be present til a later firmware (or never...but not usually)

1) As mentioned, a model may ship with a Normal Charger for your Country, OR, it may ship with a European Charger + Adaptor Head for your Country. I don't usually know when this happens - it depends on availability.  It's the correct specs, just it sticks out of the socket a lot more.

2) To be blunt...the chinese chargers simply suck 50-75% of the time. They ARE the weak link.  I always advise people to go to their local Electronic Store (like Radio Shack or The source) with Tablet & Charger in hand, and get a good main unit (it's usually $15-23) It's a long term, safe treat to give your tablet.  Use the chinese one as a back up, or travel piece.

That said..... I hope you are still with me, and have a Fun Romp through the Tablets !