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This IS why BUYaDROID was started in the first place.
I hope you will have a safe & pleasing experience buying through me, whether it's your first Android Tablet, or your next 10 unit supply.

It really does bother me if something goes wrong with the process or your tablet.  And I hope I have set up enough Warnings, Safe-guards, Warranty and Support to help either avoid or correct those situations.

To that End:

If you are on the community forums, you know I'm am a tech-minded guy.  However no one can know it all, I have relied personally and professionally upon an amazing group of people on one particular Android Community Forum, called SLATEDROID.

Slatedroid is a huge giant knowledge bank !  Many of my models even have their own sections there.

  • If I am unable to help you -- 
  • If you simply want an often faster and direct solution/answer, 
  • Or you simply want to check on CUSTOM Firmwares and new crazy things people are doing with these models - PLEASE CLICK TO, SIGN UP AND POST AT:

My own STORE Section with Some Support Pages & Tutorials, News etc... can also be found by CLICKING SLATEDROID's  BaD


Having already explained there is a risk built in to buying a Chinese Android Tablet, I DO try to distinguish between Stable (or Regular) Models and NEW/UNTESTED Models.

By nature of the beast, any new model is considered NEW/UNTESTED.  I will keep a model listed as such until all the kinks are out, OR until we get a clear sense of what glitches need be worked around.

A model that has plenty of reviews, has been tested, maybe has glitches but they are KNOWN issues (with or without fixes) will become listed as Stable or Regular.  This means, READ everything on the product pages to see if it's an untested model (you assume more risk responsibility) or Regular (where you pretty much expect what you are getting, glitches and all if need be.)


As mentioned on the Homepage... I was spending way to much time in customer support mode, answering emails and orders within Minutes ! I do have a day job I must get back to. So then, here is what you can expect:
  • I will reply to ORDERS & EMAILS within 24 Hours.
  • Please Check my News section or Slatedroid Forum first to see if your question has been answered
  • Order Processing can take up to 3 Days (usually processed in 1-2)
  • WEEKENDS I do nothing.  You can place orders and make payment, but you "may" not receive confirmation until Monday (I'll see how well I can stick to that, haha.)
  • Crude or Harassing emails, well, that get's you a nice Voided Warranty & Support and you're on your own.  It happened 2 times to date, to my surprise (usually the customer wanting a new product at my cost AND full reimbursement....and thinking being abusive moves mountains...)